• Stor

    ...is a 


    where compete with the joy and proud of watching our products in other countries.
    Enrique Verda - CEO Of Stor.

  • We

    have the


    of generating innovative and fresh ideas and at the same time providing the best service.

  • Security



    In all of our operation process.


To become the best at integrating solutions for retail spaces.


Consolidate ourselves as the top company in Latin America.

Our values

Social Responsability

As a part of our social responsability, we have the obligation and duty to make possible a better and more just society. Part of our strategy is just not making business, but the social responsability with our workers and collaborators, generating tanglible and intangible benefits.

Stor is involved in the causes that support different social situations where a donation is needed, being an active part of foundations that cover the needs of the people, the development of disabled people, and also to obtain the motivation and permanency of our collaborators, since for Stor the human factor is a top priority for the betterment of everyone.

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